Expansion of Partner Logistics' cold store


In 2008, VHI Refrigeration expanded the refrigeration systems for Partner Logistics’ new freezer store in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands (30 metres high, 35 metres wide and 115 metres long). VHI Refrigeration took/takes care of consultancy, the design, construction, service and maintenance of the refrigeration systems which came complete with a new machine room and compressors.

Partner Logistics’ freezer warehouses (-26 degrees) are intended for the temporary storage of potato products and ice cream which are subsequently purchased by shops. Distribution takes place fully automatically using Storage/Retrieval machines.
In 2010, VHI Refrigeration will be carrying out an expansion of deep freeze capacity through the construction of a new freezer store (30 metres high, 68 metres wide and 115 metres long) which has two compressors and seven coolers along with the accompanying piping and control systems. Furthermore, the expansion consists of the building of a refrigeration system for the new order picking shipping area VHI Refrigeration is to build.


About Partner Logistics Europe B.V.

Partner Logistics Europe B.V. is an all round logistics service provider with internal logistics and storage (real estate) as specialities. The company operates logistics operations for its partners, provides consultancy and carries out logistics projects. The storage and transhipment of frozen products is the core activity at Partner Logistics in Bergen op Zoom. Among other things, the freezer warehouse on the Noordland industrial estate houses well over 100,000 pallets locations for Lamb Weston Meyer frozen potato products. From 2001 onwards, founder and general director Bram Hage developed a company based in Bergen op Zoom which now employs well over 350 staff and has branches elsewhere in the Netherlands and Belgium as well as warehouses in England and Russia.


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