Knowledge and tailor-made work

Industrial refrigeration is often about refrigerating large quantities of products. Central to this is the way in which refrigeration takes place. VHI Refrigeration reduces activities to those the client genuinely needs. VHI Refrigeration distinguishes itself on the market for certain refrigeration processes which require additional attention due to hygiene, desiccation losses and product quality (the meat industry in particular) thanks to its ample knowledge and experience. The refrigeration process extracts water from unpackaged products such as, for example, pigs, cattle or meat in trays which makes the product desiccate and lose quality. Our innovative refrigeration systems ensure rapid refrigeration and so manage to limit quality losses to a minimum even for fresh products. Technical refrigeration solutions tailor-made for our clients by a company ‘driven by knowledge’.


VHI Refrigeration B.V.

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Driven by knowledge