About us

The name ‘VHI Refrigeration’ stands for Van Helmond Industrial Refrigeration. The organisation’s foundations were laid in 1978 by Theo Nas when he founded Koeltechnisch Buro Nas which subsequently changed its name to NAS Koudetechniek. Initially focusing on pig slaughterhouses, the company developed into a market leader in the meat sector. Director-owner Bart van Helmond took over the company on 1 January 2005 and charted a new course with a wider focus on industrial refrigeration.


VHI Refrigeration distinguishes itself on the market as a full-service provider capable of providing the whole process including service and maintenance. Driven by knowledge VHI Refrigeration provides the suitable installation of refrigeration systems for industrial products, processes and spaces. VHI Refrigeration operates across the Netherlands and also in Belgium, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland and the United States, among others.


VHI Refrigeration B.V.

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Driven by knowledge